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Summer courses


To improve the skill of our students, we provide continuous special classes during summer vacation. The time duration is one month-1st May to 1st June of every year. Apart from basics students learn new items according to their respective levels of experience. For the students coming from abroad, we organize summer classes till the end of August.


ADVANCED PRACTICE LESSONS FOR TEACHERS : This is four hour’s practice class incorporating stretching up Exercises, Yoga and basic technique. Apart from above mentioned activities, the items of the Classical, Folk & Creative repertoire are practiced and teaching methods are developed through discussion and interaction with established Gurus (Teachers) and Dancers.




There are two performing units: Senior and Junior. Senior Performing Unit under the guidance of Guru Balabhadra, learn new choreographies and do group rehearsals for different productions and programmes . The classes of Junior performing Unit held five days a week and three hours each day. Students practice to perfect their skill to be presented as solo, duet and group performers in the state and national level. At this stage personality development, good communication skill, interpretation of literature etc. are given due importance. For their overall development as an artist we have incorporated music and rhythm sense.

About the course.

Dance class curriculum designing and composition is a very essential subject for a dance teacher. Globally, all the educated dance teachers are required to study this subject, to build higher level of dance training for their students. This course helps to understand the importance of dance education for both teacher and students. It is very important for all the dance teachers to set best curriculum for their students. A successful curriculum, carves an easy road to the goal.

Prerequisite :

Basic level dancing skill on any dance form. If you do not have any then you may still join but have to choose a dance form along with it.

Warm –up

We begin each class with a sharing circle. Then we begin to warm up our bodies. Rhyming exercises and movement songs encourage musicality as well as stretch and strengthen the body. Yoga helps to increase flexibility, strength, and balance. Experienced dancers learn exercises based on traditional modern and ballet techniques. Which stretch and strengthen the body as well as encourage proper alignment and good posture.

Explore Dance Concepts

Students explore the elements of dance in relation to time, space and force, and dance consists of several layers, each one building on the other to make it whole and rich with variety.


Students work together in pairs, trios, small groups and large groups to develop unity as well as to learn cooperation. Activities include mirroring shadowing, shaping, practicing skills, and learning folk dances.

Relaxation may consist of listening to a dance story or book, alignment exercises, singing a song, doing a visual art project integrated with the day’s dance.


Age appropriate skills, dance steps, yoga postures, and movement combinations are taught. Skills become more challenging throughout the year and with each age level.


Use of musical instruments, songs, and a variety of styles of music help students to develop a sense of beat and rhythm in their bodies.


Younger students explore free dancing and simple improvisation. Experienced students explore Archaeology delivers traces of dance from prehistoric times such as the 30,000-year-old Bhimbetka  rock shelters paintings in India and Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures from c. 3300 BC.

Rehearsal Policy

Because of the nature of The Dancers Workshop, dancers must commit to being a part of the company for the entire year. Dancers attend rehearsals once a week with additional rehearsals scheduled near performance dates if necessary. In addition to attending workshop rehearsals, students are required to attend at least one other dance technique/choreography class at their appropriate age level.

Perfect attendance is mandatory for members. Rehearsals are like putting together a jigsaw puzzle-if one piece is missing, it is much more difficult to assemble the others and the picture is different. Therefore, to ensure a positive feeling of support and community within the group, students who miss more than 1-2 rehearsals in a session will be given an appropriately simplified part in the production.


Membership fees are divided into two payments due the beginning of September and again in November. Other payment plans may be arranged if needed. Fees include all rehearsal and performing costs. Costumes, other than leotards and tights/dance pants, will be provided and will remain the property of the Blossom Dance School.


To register for the Dancers Workshop, Please complete and return a registration form: